Seize the moment. Pass immigration reform.


It's simple: America needs immigration reform.

Our outdated immigration system is costing our economy talent, jobs, and innovation, not to mention the toll it's taking on families and potential immigrants. That's why we need to tell Congress to pass immigration reform now, not later.

The March for Innovation, together with thousands of supporters at every level, from grassroots supporters to tech leaders, companies and organizations, is a virtual march on Washington designed to make it impossible for Congress to ignore our call for immigration reform.

We're doing it because our immigration system should be fostering innovation -- keeping and attracting the best and brightest here in the United States. We're doing it because we need a system of fairness that lets honest, hard-working immigrants emerge from the shadows of a broken system.

America can't afford to fall behind in the race for global talent - a race we're already losing. Already, other countries have incentivized innovation and encouraged startups while we make it difficult for talented immigrants to even apply for a visa.

Fortunately, the immigration bill currently being considered by the Senate has provisions in it that not only help our future innovation economy, but also address some of the problems our immigration system has faced for decades.

This isn't about partisanship anymore. This is about reforming an outdated, broken, backwards system and upgrading it for the 21st century. This is about ensuring fairness and security, while constructing a system that supports our economy, leads to more innovation, and helps create industry and American jobs.

Together, using the power of social media, we can make sure Congress can't ignore us. Click here to tell your Senators immigration reform is crucial to the future of America, and we must seize the moment and pass it together.

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and thousands of other companies, organizations, tech leaders and supporters.