Seize the moment. Pass immigration reform.

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Playbook: Supporter


Spread the word on social media with sample tweets or Facebook posts

Help spread the word to your networks that you've joined the #iMarch and told Congress to pass immigration reform.

  • TWEET NOWI just told my network to #iMarch for #immigration reform. You should too - and tell Congress:
  • TWEET NOWI stand for #immigration reform. Join the #iMarch now and make your voice heard:
  • TWEET NOW#iMarch is coming to your state. Tell your friends, tell Congress: pass #immigration reform. Join me now:
  • TWEET NOW#iMarch for #immigration reform – for our economy, for immigrants, for families. Join our virtual march now:
  • SHARE ON FACEBOOKI just told my Senators that #iMarch for #immigration reform. This is the moment for meaningful change - we can't afford to let this pass us by. Join virtual march now:
  • SHARE ON FACEBOOKThe Senate is on the verge of an immigration vote. Join the #iMarch and tell Congress: pass immigration reform for our economy and families:
  • SHARE ON FACEBOOKThe #iMarch for Innovation: let's make our voices heard. 1000s of messages to Congress. One goal. Pass #immigration reform now.


Donate your Facebook profile picture during the #iMarch:

  1. Right-click on the image below and select "Save Image As"
  2. Go to your Facebook profile, hold your cursor over your profile pic, click "Edit Profile Pic," then "Upload Photo."
  3. Select the #iMarch image. You're ready to go!


Help us spread the word and email your friends and family with a short message encouraging them to #iMarch:

Copy and send the email text below:

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